Conference Venue


Kounicova 680/6, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic


This hotel is located in the Brno city centre with a long tradition. It offers comfortable accommodation in a unique historical building. The hotel was opened in 1964 and the building was awarded as a cultural heritage status in 2010. Its rooms offer a panoramic view of Brno.

How to get to the Hotel Contitental from the Brno airport?

From bus station Letiště Tuřany (Airport Tuřany) by bus no. 76 to tram station Hlavní nádraží (Main Railway Station), the change for tram no. 12 to  tram station Česká.

How to get to the Hotel Continental from the Main Bus Terminal Zvonařka?

From Zvonařka Main Bus Terminal by tram no. 12 to tram station Česká.

Useful maps

From Airport Tuřany to Hotel Continental

From Main Railway Station to Hotel Continental

From Česká to Hotel Continental

In the hotel, there will be 30 pre-booked rooms for conference participants at a discounted price. You can book your room HERE.

About Brno

Brno is a center of South Moravia and a country city of the South Moravian Region. With its 400 000 inhabitants it is the 2nd biggest city in the Czech Republic after Prague. Brno is a center of judicial power and it has a significant tradition of trade fairs and congresses, too. The city is focused on science, research and innovations and is well-known for a very important scientist – Gregor Johann Mendel, who conducted his experiments with pea plants in Augustinian Abbey in Brno. You can find 14 universities here and Brno is on the list of Top 10 Erasmus Cities. There are many theatres, museums and galleries and free time activities. The system of public transport is very developed and all other services in Brno are of high quality. Moreover, you can get excellent beer for just 1 € here.

What to see in Brno? 


CEITEC leads a path to global scientific recognition through science based on synergy and collaboration, in order to achieve a regional knowledge-based economy. CEITEC has been created to catalyse the existing basic and applied research in South Moravia to reach new levels. Its purpose is not only to provide its researchers with the best equipment and new laboratory facilities, but to engage in scientific discovery at a glo­bally competitive level. To achieve this, CEITEC is aiming to retain and recruit scientifically talented people which can address important research questions.